SEND at Serlby Park

At Serlby Park, we welcome pupils with Special Educational Needs where they are fully included within our academy. Furthermore, we ensure that any student who requires additional support, for whatever reason, will be recorded according to the Code of Practice so that every student in the academy is fully supported to achieve their potential.

Serlby Park Academy is fortunate enough to have a full time, experienced and passionate SENCO, Mrs L Musson. You can email her directly on

My passion for SEN stems from my own daughter who was unable to read until she was in Year 4 and found learning really challenging. I wasn’t a teacher at the time and I just couldn’t understand why she was finding learning so difficult.  She was on the SEN register and I wanted to know more, hence my career in education commenced! 

As well as being a qualified SENCO, I have a foundation degree in supported learning and a post graduate in vulnerable learners, so I am always looking at new ways to remove barriers to learning and ensure all our staff, who work with our pupils, have high aspirations. Thus, it is my aim to constantly improve outcomes and promote independence, ensuring there is a smooth transition to adulthood.

As a parent with a child (now adult!) with SEN, I can understand some of the challenges you face and recognise when additional support is required, therefore I would like to assure you that with a strong focus on pupil and parent participation we can make a difference and improve your child’s outcomes.

Your child deserves the best possible education and I look forward to working with you, in the future, to ensure this happens.

If you have any initial concerns about your child’s progress and feel that they may have an undiagnosed SEND, please contact:

Primary Phase: 

Class teacher

Family Support Worker – Mrs S Morris

Inclusion Manager – Mrs S Jowett

Whole School:

SENCO – Mrs Louise Musson